ArcLight6 secures your
infrastructure cloud stack compliance network remote access Agile Development peace of mind allowing you to concentrate on your business.

Secure your business continuity with our cutting-edge engineering solutions.
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to your complex world.


At ArcLight6, we pride ourselves on delivering cost-effective cyber security solutions that safeguard your operations.

Innovative Technology

We help you integrate the latest advancements in cyber security, network engineering, and agile software development methodologies.

Industry Expertise

Each decision we make and every solution we propose stem from a deep-rooted dedication to act as your vigilant guardian in the ever-evolving landscape of cyber security and engineering.


We deeply understand the dynamic nature of businesses and the challenging demands they face. Our solutions help drive scalability within organizations of all sizes. 

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Solving IT challenges in every industry, every day.

What we use

We Utilize Cutting Edge Technology.

At ArcLight6, we redefine the intersection of cybersecurity and engineering, providing you with tailored solutions that ensure seamless growth and fortified security.

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Analysis Process:

ArcLight6 employs a comprehensive evaluation approach, delving deep into both the technological landscape and business objectives of our clients.

Cost Expectations:

ArcLight6 offers competitive pricing models, ensuring that clients receive top-tier solutions without straining their budgets.

Response Expectations:

Clients can anticipate prompt and proactive communication, ensuring that every question, concern, or feedback is addressed efficiently and effectively.

Always Ready to Assist:

Whether it's initial implementation, troubleshooting, or future adaptations, our team stands ready to support businesses at every step of their digital journey.

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We’re here to help solve the engineering and technical challenges that your organization may face internally. We can even help consult on your client-facing projects.

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Our Accreditations

Recognized by the best

In the competitive domain of cybersecurity and engineering consulting, credibility is paramount. ArcLight6 stands not just on its extensive portfolio and testimonials, but also on a bedrock of certifications from the industry’s top organizations. 

Our engineers and team are also certified at the highest levels in alignment with the DoD’s 8570/8140 baseline certifications.

Comptia CASP+
CompTIA Security+