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Arclight6 Trajectory

Our Beginnings

In July 2021, ArcLight6 was founded in Colorado to fill a technical and operational gap with well-rounded engineers and business consultants. ArcLight6 bridges the chasm between technological challenges and tailored solutions demanded in both the commercial and federal space.


We strive to always deliver engineering and consulting excellence to all our clients in the public and private sector. Our team, composed of dedicated professionals and industry experts, collaborates closely with clients, ensuring that every solution provided is tailor-made to address specific challenges and objectives.

Mission, Vision and Core Value blocks
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Future Aspirations

At ArcLight6, our sites are firmly set on the horizon, envisioning a future where we stand as global leaders in engineering and consulting. As we move forward, our ambition is to continually expand our footprint, delve deeper into technological innovations, and foster partnerships across diverse industries.

Why US

“Why ArcLight6?” is a question answered not just by our strong engineering and consulting solutions, but by our ethos, dedication, and unique desire to solve challenges. With ArcLight6, businesses don’t merely gain a service provider but a dedicated partner vested in their success. Our unparalleled blend of security-centric engineering, proactive risk-based approach, and expertise in both commercial and federal industries ensures that clients receive solutions tailored to their unique needs. Whatever industry you operate in, we can help.

Our Core Values

Our ethos is anchored in four distinct qualities that set us apart from our competitors.


ArcLight6's team combines deep industry insights with technical prowess, driven by seasoned professionals across varied fields.

Client-Centric Approach

ArcLight6's core lies in its unwavering commitment to tailoring strategies and solutions for optimal client satisfaction.

Innovative Mindset

More than just keeping pace, ArcLight6 blazes the trail in technological advancements, positioning clients at the industry's cutting edge.

Ethical Integrity

Emphasizing transparency and ethical practices, ArcLight6 ensures principled solutions in every engagement.

Better together

Since our inception in July 2021, ArcLight6 has embarked on a purposeful journey to redefine the technological landscape across a myriad of industries. Our foundation is built on core attributes such as an expertise-driven approach, an unwavering dedication to our clients, a pioneering spirit, the promise of comprehensive solutions, and an uncompromising ethical stance. Whether we’re addressing cybersecurity challenges, navigating the maze of compliance, or crafting bespoke solutions for sectors like government, defense, non-profits, and online retail, our approach is underpinned by genuine care.

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